Throwback Thursday: “Insanity”!



Who remembers Shaun T’s Insanity® DVD set released back in 2009? Now who tried and who completed the entire set?

Bored with my early morning fitness routines, I recently started working through this DVD set with a good friend after finding these videos packed away. I very quickly started questioning if I had exercise-induced asthma with just the “fit test!”

My daughter has been training 2-3 times a week for her soccer team, and after talking with several of our patients, I know for sure that cheer, softball, baseball, tee ball, track, golf and swimming have all been starting up (if they actually ever ended for some of my competitive patients and parents).

The combination of exercise and spring allergies has long been associated with what is often called “exercise-induced bronchospasm” or “exercise-induced asthma.” Are you or your child experiencing shortness of breath, chest tightness or cough associated with exercise? Should we be pushing ourselves (or our children) harder because we are “just out of shape”? Or could we be pushing children to do more than what their lungs will allow because they have asthma, eventually pushing them out of sports altogether because they “just don’t like sports”?

The only way to know if you or your child’s symptoms are related to asthma/allergies or if you’re just out of shape is to be seen by a board certified allergist. At The Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center, Dr. Jeana Bush and I are both board certified in pediatric and adult allergies (sinuses) and asthma. If you would like to be evaluated or have us talk with your school or organization on this subject, please call. We can help!

As for me, I am 36 days into Insanity and have realized that I fell into the category of being out of shape. I often tell my patients that I love blaming things on allergies and asthma; but in this case, I just need to “push harder, dig deeper!”

Have a great spring and “push harder, dig deeper!”

Jeremiah Bivins, MD

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