Is there more pollen in the air than there used to be?


Every year in the allergy clinic, we hear from our patients that this is “the worst pollen season ever.” But is this true? Is there more pollen now than there used to be? According to a study recently presented at the World Allergy Organization, there actually is more pollen now than there was in the 1990s. The study found that from 1994 to 2010 the “average peak value and annual total of daily counted airborne pollen have increased by 42.4%  and 46.0%, respectively.” Wow! That is a big increase! Also, the pollen season is now starting 3 days earlier than it did in the 1990s. So not only do we have more pollen in the air, we’re also exposed to the pollen for a longer period of time. The study concluded that “these changes are likely due to recent climate change and particularly the enhanced warming and precipitation at higher latitudes in the [continental United States].”  Unfortunately, this trend of more pollen and longer seasons is likely to continue.

If you are feeling the impact of the higher pollen counts and longer seasons, come see one of our Board-Certified Allergists, who can help you find a way to survive these increasingly heavy pollen seasons.

-Dr. Megan

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