Asthma Medication Costs


The lead article in the Sunday’s New York Times is ostensibly about medication costs in general, but it focuses on allergy and asthma medication costs. I’ve blogged about this before, several years ago in fact, but the problem persists. Allergy and asthma medications are incredibly expensive in the U.S. when compared to the rest of the world, and the costs are going up, despite the fact that there are multiple options, i.e. competition, in every medication category. It’s a problem we have to deal with every single day in our office and it adversely affects our patients.

I have to say, I was more than a bit disappointed that the article did not mention allergen immunotherapy as a treatment option for some of the patients. It has been shown to be effective and cost-effective in treating allergic asthma and is a part of the asthma treatment guidelines. Yet another reason to see a board-certified allergist for care of your asthma.

Dr. O

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