Mouses in Houses, More Vaccines


Cockroach has long been considered to be the primary allergic trigger for inner-city asthmatics. In that setting, it’s a difficult allergen to avoid, and trials of cockroach immunotherapy in inner-city asthmatics have been disappointing. New data suggests that mouse allergen is actually the biggest problem for inner-city asthmatics. This might be why the cockroach immunotherapy trials failed: we weren’t desensitizing people to the most important trigger. We’ll see lots more about this.

If you’ve read this blog over time, you know I’m a big proponent of vaccination. During my career alone, we have seen huge public health benefits from new vaccines. Now there is data showing that pneumococcal vaccination in kids results in significant reductions in invasive pneumococcal disease. Pneumococcus is the number one cause for bacterial pneumonia in all age groups and can be a very serious, non-trivial infection. The vaccine led to a 60% reduction in invasive pneumococcal disease. That’s huge.

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