Steroids and height, organic foods, etc.


Inhaled steroids reduce final adult height. This study is consistent with prior studies showing that ICS can reduce height. Adults who received ICS therapy as kids were 1.2cm shorter on average. That’s about half an inch for the metrically challenged or about the length of a finger nail. Not much cause for alarm.

Organic food is not any healthier for you than non-organic. OH it’s about to get REAL in the Whole Foods parking lot. I do think many organics are tastier, especially meats and eggs, but the super high prices for organic foods may not be justified on the basis of health alone. As the grandson of a farmer, I still think buying local is good when you can.

Bronchial thermoplasty is a novel treatment for severe asthma. It can cost as much as $20000 (!), but in selected patients, that might be a long term cost savings, not to mention improving their health. It uses a heat probe to shrink the muscles surrounding the airways. You’ll hear more about this.

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