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I don’t write much on specific drugs, but I think this will be of interest to lots of allergy patients.  Long-standing allergy sufferers will remember the good old days of aerosolized nasal steroid sprays.  Many patients greatly preferred the dry, aerosol spray over the wet, aqueous pumps.  Unfortunately, the aerosols went away when their propellant, CFC, was finally withdrawn from the market.

Now, after years of waiting, we finally have an aerosol back.  Qnasl, from Teva pharmaceuticals, just released this week.  It uses beclomethasone, an old tried-and-true steroid in an aerosol canister with a dose counter.  Its retail price will be significantly more than the simple pump sprays and its unclear how that will pan out in terms of co-pays at the pharmacy window.  Like most medications, there are rebate coupons you can use to defray some of the cost.  I’m betting lots of my patients will be asking to switch.

Disclaimer:  Although my Teva rep did bring me some chick-fil-a this morning, I receive no monetary compensation from them or any other pharmaceutical company nor do I own stock in Teva, though I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a bad buy.

Dr. O

One Comment

  1. I recently used Qnasl for the first time over Flonase and WOW, I was impressed how effective it is. The only downfall is the price. Ask for Samples. you would think Teva would send out promotional discount coupons for this new product but I have yet to find any.

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