A bit about exercise and asthma

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The Country Music Marathon is tomorrow and my wife and I will take our kids and the neighbors’ kids (their parents are running the half-marathon) to cheer on the participants.  Nashville is a tough course and its usually warm for the race which makes me all the more impressed that someone can actually run that far.  I’ll stick to my bike, thank you.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about exercise induced asthma (EIA).  How can you tell exercise induced asthma from plain-old being worn out?  It’s difficult to do without measuring lung function after exercise, but their are some clinical clues.  If you have asthma outside of exercise, then you’re more likely to have EIA.  EIA typically occurs during the cool-down phase of exercise rather than during peak exertion.  Pre-medicating with albuterol and using longer warm-up and cool-down periods can help control EIA symptoms.

EIA can really knock down one’s lung function.  Athletes are trained to work through pain and suffering and will often minimize their breathing difficulties.  If you or someone you know is having EIA symptoms, talk to your doctor.

Dr. O

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