Today’s Pollen Count


Tree pollen levels today are extremely high with the predominant species being cedar, maple and pine.  Remember to avoid prolonged outdoor activity in the early morning hours and rinse off if you’ve been outside a while.  Keep your doors and windows closed in both your car and your house.  Run the recirculate vent on your car’s AC.  If you’re mowing your lawn by now, wear a mask if you must.

All these measures are helpful, but if your allergies are keeping you cooped up during this beautiful spring weather (at least here in Nashville), it’s time to call your local allergist and get your life back.

Dr. O


  1. John

    Why do inhaled steroids not cause monilia infestation in the lungs. Are there some enzymes that protect the lungs? Are we missing the boat on some patients who are not getting better? Hmmmm.

  2. The likely answer is that the widespread distribution of inhaled steroids throughout the bronchial tree results in a concentration that is too low to cause local immune suppression.

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