Tree Pollen is Here

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If your nose hasn’t told you already, it’s officially tree pollen season in Middle Tennessee.  The puddles in my driveway this morning had the telltale yellow sheen of pine pollen.  Pine pollen granules are relatively large and so they’re easier to see.  They’re also what gives your car that yellow, dusty haze.

If you live in Middle Tennessee, you don’t have to guess what the pollen count is.  You can check for yourself at the Nashville Metro Government’s pollen count and air quality website. As you can see, the predominant early season tree pollens of cedar and pine are present at levels deemed heavy.

If you’re suffering from tree pollen allergies, try to avoid prolonged outdoor activity during the morning hours when pollen counts are the highest. If you must be outside, a mask can be helpful especially when mowing or gardening. If medications and avoidance aren’t controlling your miserable itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose, then it’s time to see your local allergist, get tested, and see if immunotherapy can let you enjoy springtime again.

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  1. I really hate this time of the year. I need to stay at home and that is so boring. Thanks for the advice btw.

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