May 11, 2009
by Dr. Michael Norvell

Asthma Control Test

During Spring, many people find that their asthma gets worse.  They experience tightness in their chest, shortness of breath, and an increased cough.  Albuterol use increases.  Patients experience this secondary to the increased tree and grass pollen. If you think your asthma … Continue reading

December 15, 2008
by Dr. John Overholt

LABAs and Safety

A few weeks ago, I posted on the recent meta-analysis examining the safety of long acting beta-agonists, LABAs.  Going by the names salmeterol (Serevent) and formoterol (Fordil), these medications are components of Advair and Symbicort, which also contain inhaled corticosteroids.  … Continue reading

November 19, 2008
by Dr. John Overholt

Is Asthma Overdiagnosed?

In a recent study from Canada, researchers set out to determine how many obese individuals had been misdiagnosed with asthma. What they found was quite interesting. Nearly 30% of all patients in the study, obese or not, had been misdiagnosed. … Continue reading

October 10, 2008
by Dr. John Overholt

Symbicort, Advair, and Safety

Both Symbicort and Advair contain drugs called long acting beta-agonists, or LABAs for short.  Symbicort contains formoterol and Advair contains salmeterol.  Advair and Symbicort also contain inhaled corticosteroids(ICS), fluticasone and budesonide, respectively.  This combination of medications has been repeatedly shown in … Continue reading